TJV Construction Inc


Acrylic Finish Coat

    Time tested and architect approved; does great in our Pacific Northwest weather.  Products made by "Senergy" and "Drivit".  Available in several textures and can be matched to any color. 

Elastomeric Finish Coat

    "Stucco cracks", is a common statement when discussing traditional stucco.  Elastomeric finish coat is flexible enough to span the hairline cracks typical in stucco.  Products made by "Stuc-o-flex" and "Senergy".  Also available in several textures and can be matched to any color.

Rain Screen

    Rain screens are a drainage cavity behind the exterior cladding.  Stucco is porous and in our climate it gets wet constantly.  Having a rainscreen cavity behind the stucco manages any water that gets through and runs it to the base of the wall or floor and out.  The approved method for creating a drainage cavity with stucco is to use a drainage mat.  "Enkadrain", "WaterWay", "Home Slicker", and "Driwall" are a few of the drainage mats available.